Neighborhood Revitalization NYC (NRNYC) Mold Treatment Program

The Neighborhood Revitalization NYC (NRNYC) Mold Treatment Program

The Neighborhood Revitalization NYC (NRNYC) Mold Treatment Program is a new initiative paid for with private funds from the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, the Robin Hood Foundation and the American Red Cross and developed in partnership with the city.  The Program will directly help approximately 2,000 households in affected areas deal with mold left behind by water damage from Superstorm Sandy.  Neighborhood Revitalization NYC will coordinate mold treatment work.  The treatment work will be conducted by environmental consusltatns, contractors, and not-for-profit organizations, staffed by volunteers.

Apply by calling 855-740-6653 Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm OR call 311.

There are two qualifying factors: the condition of the property (extent of water damage) and the household income.  Priority will be given to households with income up to 120% of the area median income (AMI); however, households up to 175% may qualify.  Special consideration will be made to elderly homeowners under 120% AMI.

120% AMI                  175% AMI
Family of 4         $99,600                     $145,250
Family of 3         $89.860                     $130,725
Family of 2         $79,680                     $116,200
Family of 1         $68,720                     $101,675

Buildings with 1 to 4 units can quality.  The applicant must be an owner of the property to quality for this program.  The homeowner must complete and sign an access agreement to receive services.  Renters can call 311 if they are having difficulties getting their landlord to address mold issues in their house or apartment.

The program is FREE for qualified participants.


  1. Maria Ruiz said:

    I am one of those that applied for this program. An inspector came and check the property around first week of March. I would like to know if and when they are going to do the actual treatment.

    • Try calling the program to follow up on the status of your application.

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