Block Grant Disaster Recovery Deadline April 4, 2013

NYC Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR)

Comment Period – Deadline April 4, 2013


March 22, 2013, New York City released its CDBG-DR plan for review. This is the $1.7 billion in funding from HUD.  BLTRG suggests that our members, your clients or your impacted staff review and give feedback ASAP. The public commentary period is 14-days, between now and April 4, 2013. Please read and comment by April 4th (deadline).


Here is What You Need to Know:

The federal government uses a program called Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) to provide communities with resources that address a wide range of needs. These funds are flexible and help cities, counties and states recover from disasters – particularly in low income communities. Some of the federal aid for areas affected by Hurricane Sandy will come through this program in the form of Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery funding. There will be several rounds of CDBG-DR funding. The initial award for New York City is for $1.77 billion. The chart found at the link below summarizes how New York City plans to use this money.

To Read about the overall CDBG program:

To Read or Download  the Action Plan A.

To Comment on the full CDBG-DR Action Plan A.

At the end of the comment period, all comments shall be reviewed and a City response will be incorporated into the document. A summary of the comments and the City’s responses will be submitted to HUD with the final Action Plan A. The revised Action Plan including the public comments and responses will be posted on this website.


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