No-Cost Energy Efficiency Services for Income Qualified Sandy Impacted Households

EmPower New York: No-Cost Energy Efficiency Services for Income-Qualified Sandy-impacted Households

EmPower New York (EmPower) provides energy efficiency services at no cost to income eligible households. The program is administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), with implementation support from Honeywell International. EmPower provides measures to reduce your energy use, such as:

  • Insulation
  • Heating system upgrades
  • High efficiency lighting
  • Replacement of inefficient refrigerators and freezers with new high-efficiency models
  • Strategic air sealing

Services are provided through a network of participating contractors. There is no cost to you for these services. You may receive services even if you have not been affected by the storm.

You may be eligible if the following is true:

Your household income is at or below 60% of State median (i.e., if you are eligible for HEAP benefits. See income levels listed on the back)

  • You are an electricity or natural gas customer of Central Hudson, Con Edison, National Grid, NYSEG or Orange and Rockland, or heat by oil or propane
  • You reside in a building with 100 units or less
  • You are responsible for payment of utility bills

If your home has been damaged by Hurricane Sandy you may still qualify for services through EmPower even if you have been previously served.

Please apply as soon as possible by calling (800) 263-0960 and requesting a Storm Relief EmPower NY application. 


EmPower cannot provide funding for repairs paid for by FEMA, insurance or other programs. However, in situations where FEMA, insurance and other program reimbursement does not cover the full cost of repair or the additional cost for high efficiency equipment, EmPower can pay the additional cost when it is provided by a participating EmPower contractor.


EmPower participating contractors are accredited by the Building Performance Institute, the nation’s premier developer of technical standards for residential energy efficiency work. EmPower cannot reimburse for measures previously installed, or installed by contractors who have not been approved by the program. Appliances provided through EmPower are new high efficiency ENERGY STAR® models. They are limited to program-approved models, and may only be provided through program- approved vendors.

If you would like to confirm the identity of a contractor and verify that they are working through EmPower New York Program, please call800-263-0960


The storm has caused moisture and mold conditions in many dwellings. In some instances, where these problems persist, EmPower may deny or delay some of the program measures. This is done to ensure that the health of your household is not compromised. The contractor assigned to your dwelling will assess these concerns.


The current income guidelines for EmPower are set 60% of the State Median Income, and are consistent with Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) Guidelines for 2012 – 2013:

 Household Size Monthly Annual
1 $2,138 $25,646
2 $2,796 $33,552
3 $3,453 $41,436
4 $4,111 $49,332
5 $4,769 $57,228
6 $5,427 $65,124
7 $5,550 $66,600
8 $5,673 $68,076
9 $5,797 $69,564
10 $5,920 $71,040
11 $6,136 $73,632
11+ +495

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